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Great app

Great idea. Excellent design. Great execution. Problem is, updates are rare. And the app is crying out loud for a Watch compliment.

Clean and easy

Works fine on iPhone. I use it every day.

Very Nice App

A very nicely built app, which performs its designed functionality in a highly usable fashion.

Great App

Does exactly what it says, and its perfect for keeping track of all those little things that you need to know, but usually forget (when did I last have my oil changed, how long has it been since I changed the furnace filter, etc). I also love the fact that it backs everything up (other apps Ive tried dont do this, and after suffering data loss when I switched phones, I really appreciate the backup feature)!

Simple and effective

I love that its so simple, it makes it adaptable for whatever purpose you sought out the app for


No need to remember when you last, did ..... whatever. This app keeps track, you look it up at need. Thats one, or ten!, less things to keep track of!


Great app. Thanks for it, but I cant wait for reminders connected with each activity, not with the app in general.


Thanks for iPad version! And new sync!

great app

nice look and helpful func


Great app. Grouping events in "folders" would be a useful feature. Another useful feature is to be able to mark an event as "do not use the current period in averaging" - would be useful in situations than you do (or not do) something in different months - I count something each 4 days for a month, then I skip a month, then I start it again each 4 days for a month… and so on. Thanks.

Incredibly Useful!

This app has been surprising useful. Ive used it for quite awhile now. I dont have to remember events, I just look them up. Its much easier then using a calendar. Some examples..... when was the last time I watered the plants, when and where I attended a movie or theatre production, when was the last time I opened a new pair of contacts, when and where did I get my car serviced, and what was the mileage, etc. With this app I know. It takes a little discipline to remember to make entries, but its so easy and I like being able to filter by categories just by assigning an event to an icon. Since you can edit the date and time, you can always adjust for missed entries. Its synchronizes perfectly too. I can enter things on my iPad or iPhone, which is very convenient, and everything always matches.

Nice app!

This comes the closest to what I was looking for. The biggest plus for me is that it backs up to Dropbox so you wont lose all your data and time it took it to enter them. I love to personalize so the ability to add your own photos is good. I would like to see more options in color, font and categories for improvement. Nice job all in all!

Nice app

This app does what its supposed to. Tracks events in their dates. So you can go back and remember when something occurred. Excellent app and love that it syncs with dropbox. Just wish it worked better with voiceover.

iCloud sync doesnt work

iCloud Drive for the app is on in iPhone settings, but when I try to turn it on in the app, it fails every time.

Best App!!!

I have been using this app for sometime... and I must say its the best app for what it does and just got better with the iCloud sync!! Thanks!!!!

Great app!

Does a great job of remembering stuff for me. I dont use it too often, but when I do, its irreplaceable. Its great to be able to look back at a glance and say "oh thats the last time I did that".


I love this app!! It is fabulously simple and easy to use. It is the perfect way to keep track of the last time you did something. So much better than making a list in another app.

Simple, clever, and useful!

I use it as motivation to stay away from negative things (like being late) and to remind myself if its been a while since I did good stuff (like tune-up my bike).

Nice app

Neat app, but there doesnt appear to be any way to delete an event. Hence you get stuck with the sample tutorial event and anything you may have accidentally created. Emailed creator for support, asking if this was a bug (edit link missing) but never got a reply. Update: I did eventually hear from author and he explained you swipe left to delete. I could have sworn I tried that before, but must not have done it correctly. Also what got me confused is that the AppStore screenshots show an edit link, which doesnt exist in the current version of the app. Upping my rating since deletes seem to be working fine.

Nice Memory Help

This is exactly what I needed! A very useful app. The majority of the time its just two touches to record an event. Or, you can quickly add a note about the instance. Contrary to another review you CAN change all the information about an event, including the date and time you last did it. This is perfect for all the things you have to do on a regular basis, but not often enough to remember the last time (oil change, lawn fertilization, furnace filter change, etc.).

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